About Us

It’s no secret: We have a thing for paper. But we also have a thing for life’s little or lavish celebrations. So, naturally, we’ve entered the business of paper and celebration.

I’m Sarah—creator, owner, and that friend who’s always down to help throw a party. Today, I work as a marketing consultant part-time while continuing to grow Pike & Pine. I love spending time with my family—my husband, Zach; son, Miles; and son, Theodore. Zach is my biggest fan, while also expending a lot of energy trying to get hired as an employee of Pike & Pine (he has yet to receive an interview).  

Recently, our family, along with Pike & Pine, traded pine trees for palm trees with a wild move to SoCal. What we built in Washington will live on in California—we are committed to paper & celebration from any address!

Here’s why:

I was working as a full-time marketing director when I realized I was [happily] spending tons of time designing wedding invitations for family members, friends, and family members of friends. With a one-year-old son, a supportive husband, and a whole ‘lotta love for gorgeous designs and quality paper, I set out to open my own business. Adding further excitement to the adventure, I soon learned I was pregnant with son #2—the nearly simultaneous birth of a company and a second child may not seem ideal for most; but I have never been one to back down from a challenge.

While my formal education was spend studying Business & Marketing looking back, it’s clear to see that I exhibited several classic warning signs that a career in the paper business may be in my future. As a child, I insisted on purchasing my own wrapping paper for Christmas gifts, which was not to be touched by anyone else in my family. For my 10th birthday, I asked only for clip art CDs, so I could design signs and cards. The work of Pike & Pine has always been a passion of mine—now, it has taken shape and I finally get to share it with you.

At Pike & Pine, we design and sell invitations, stationary, and party supplies. We love the way paper enlivens life’s memorable moments and invites others in to celebrate with us. We believe in marking important moments with good words, beautiful design and, of course, great paper.

Cheers to paper goodness!